Maire de Paris and electric bikes

As this sign says, the city of Paris offers 25% off on the purchase of an electric bike (up to $400), and there are many shops that sell them.  Prices range from 1000 euros on up (Today 1 euro = 1.32 US dollars).  Here is one of the shops.

The shop allows people to take ebikes out for a trail spin and rents ebikes.  It is near Nation, in the 11th arrondismont, on the way from my mother-in-law’s apartment to my favorite bakery, Autre Boulange.   Autre Boulange is organic and is only one of three bakeries in PAris that still use a wood fired oven.  The oven is old – from the time of Alexandre Dumas and the Three Musketeers.    The owners of Autre have offered to take MUM Sustainable Living students as interns but the need to be able to speak conversational French.   More on Autre Boulange later.

While walking to Autre Boulange one morning, I saw the gentleman above step out of a building, put on a helmet, light up a small cigar, and step on to what I thought was a motorbike.  Surprise, no engine noise- it was an electric scooter.   He rode down the street with the cigar clenched in his teeth.  I’ll try to find another scooter like it and report on make model and cost here in France.

Close up of a similar electric scooter:

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